This Week - 06/11/17

06 Nov 2017

This week we will have the opportunity to:


Visit the Chapel Lane Veterinary Surgery…. what pet will we bring and why?  How much do they weigh? Can we hear their heart beat with our REAL stethoscopes?  Can we write appointments in the diary and take telephone messages…?


Play and explore with the Happy Valley set ……. what shops do we have and what do they sell? How long is the road?  Can we put a crossing in, which Happy Valley person can make crossing the road safer?


In the garden we will be dancing and moving to the music on the ipod J We will be talking about the changes in the weather and the changes that have taken place in the garden…and on our way to nursery/our gardens at home. 


At the craft table we will be making cakes and cookies ready for our Autumn Walk treats on Friday J


At circle time we will be using the musical instruments to listen to the beats in the songs and to see if we can change how they sound…by making them louder, quieter, faster, slower. J



This week our sound of the week is “Ee” e.g…envelope, egg, eskimo.  Please bring in a picture of something beginning with the sound of the week to put on our sound poster J J J


This week our number and shape of the week are: 9 and square.


If you would like to come and join in at pre-school this week, please speak to a member of staff or E Mail us on [email protected]

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