This Week 11/09/2017

11 Sep 2017


This week we will have the opportunity to:


Continue to settle in and get to know our new friends and Chapel Lane Family…. there are lots of fun things to do at pre-school this week!


Look after the animals in the vets corner, do they need a check-up?  What shall we check…teeth, ears, eyes? How many do they have and what do they use them for? J


Play with the My Little Ponies…there are so many in all different colours!  Play with the doll’s house…which room do the different pieces of furniture go?  Who lives there?


In the garden, we will be climbing and sliding on the climbing frame!  Playing in the tent.  Riding on the didi cars, scooters and cars. J


At the craft table we will be choosing our own crafts, maybe we could make a collage to take home?  Making handprints for our group display J


At circle time, we will be singing The Farmers In His Den, exploring the musical instruments and listening to some of our favourite stories.



This week our sound of the week is “Aa” e.g…, ant.  Please bring in a picture of something beginning with the sound of the week to put on our sound poster.



This week our number and shape of the week are: 2 and triangle


If you would like to come and join in at pre-school this week, please speak to a member of staff or E Mail us on [email protected]

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