This Week - 12/06/2017

11 Jun 2017

This week we will have the opportunity to:

Visit/work in the shop or at the market stall…Making price labels and thinking about how many pennies things are worth.

Play with the dolls house… big is the family, what are they called? Which furniture matches each room?

In the garden we will have the climbing frame out, crawling through, over and sliding down. What will be hiding in the digging pit…….? Lots of exploring to do!

At the craft table we will be choosing our own crafts…and making something special for Father’s Day.

At circle time we will be playing the hoop game, trying to guess the objects in the feeling bag, without peeking, and listening to some of our favourite stories.

Rising Fives…. Will be practicing our scissor skills, what shapes can we cut out?

This week our sound of the week is “Aa” e.g…..ambulance, apple, ant. Please bring in a picture of something beginning with the sound of the week to put on our sound poster.

This week our number and shape of the week are: 2 and square

If you would like to come and join in at pre-school this week, please speak to a member of staff or E Mail us on [email protected]

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