This Week 20/03/2017

20 Mar 2017

This week we will have the opportunity to:


Visit or work in the Builder’s Yard/Office...What tools can we see, what do we use them for?  What exciting plans can we draw for objects to build? How do we keep safe on a building site?


Land Ahoy!  We can play with our pirate ships and figures to go on an adventure, who has the treasure map…which direction shall we go? J


At the craft table, we will be making a group poster to represent the changing season to Spring! 


At circle time, we will be using our senses...when we close our eyes whose voice can we hear?  What objects can we recognise from touch in the feely bag?


In the garden, we will be exploring the digging pit…who can find treasure?  Playing some games to make us think about tallest/shortest.


Rising Fives…scissor skills...who can cut the shortest piece of spaghetti? J


This week our sound of the week is “Oo” e.g. orange, octagon, olive.  Please bring in a picture of something beginning with the sound of the week to put on our sound poster.

This week our number and shape of the week are: 5 and oval


If you would like to come and join in at pre-school this week, please speak to a member of staff or E Mail us on [email protected]

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