This Week 27/03/2017

26 Mar 2017

This week we will have the opportunity to:


Visit or work in the Hairdressing Salon……. What tools can we use, can we create different styles? Why do we need to keep our hair clean and washed?  How much are we going to charge for hair treatments?


Stomp Stomp Stomp……It’s a Dinosaur Romp…we will be playing with and exploring the dinosaurs and flexi track J


At the craft table, we will be making play dough or gloop and also making things to add to our Spring poster! 


At circle time we will be taking turns and working together to play ring games … who will be in the middle? Who will get a special letter?  We will also be listening to the Mr Tongue story and joining in with the actions.


In the garden we will be balancing, stepping, jumping, hopping, crawling around an obstacle course.  If the ground is dry enough we hope to have the balance bike out too.  We will be building on a giant scale with the large soft shapes…..will we make a rocket, a ship or something else?


Rising Fives…will be measuring EVERYTHING…. using rulers and tapes…which table is the tallest, which plants are the longest…? J


This week our sound of the week is “Uu” e.g. Umbrella, Up.  Please bring in a picture of something beginning with the sound of the week to put on our sound poster.

This week our number and shape of the week are: 6 and rectangle.


If you would like to come and join in at pre-school this week, please speak to a member of staff or E Mail us on [email protected]

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