The Pre-school Learning Alliance have developed a range of policies for the Early Years setting. Our policies have been adapted to suit our pre-school and are in line with best practice. The policies have been adopted by Chapel Lane Pre-School to enable it to provide good quality provision. They make clear to staff, committee and parents what sort of setting Chapel Lane Pre-School should be and what has to be done to make this happen.

All staff and parents should be involved in adopting, implementing and reviewing policies so that all the adults involved can influence the way the setting is run.

Discussion and adoption of policies occur at committee meetings, this enables everyone to discuss and agree the policies statements and procedures.

Implementing policies.

All new parents, staff and committee members are introduced to the policies. It is explained that the policies are the rules for running the setting and being a member involves them agreeing to them.

Reviewing policies.

Each policy is continually monitored and adjusted in accordance with current best practice. If it is necessary to change a policy it is discussed at a committee meeting where staff committee and parents are able to contribute

All the policies below were reviewed yearly.

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